Welcome To “Stealing the Stolen Lands!”

The Adventure Continues

  • A small garrison has arrived from Restov to help defend the trading post. An attack seems imminent, but the band of bandits has strangely fallen silent. For details click here. New NPC and location descriptions to be added soon.


  • Edric – A dreamspun sorcerer, eager to seek power.
  • Marra – Two swords, one for each eye socket of the next man to call her “darlin’.”
  • Kosgrim – A Pharasmic gardener of souls. And black roses.
    *Rastus – A quickshot ranger of increasing repute.


Quests Accepted

  • Svetlana’s wedding ring was taken by bandits. Won’t you please recover it?
  • Jhod Kavkin seeks a ruined temple of Erastil in the area. He’d be grateful for help.
  • Bokken could sure use some fangberries.

Quests Completed

  • Svetlana wanted some Moon Radishes to make Oleg’s favorite soup. Oleg’s been served!


  • Two bandits have been killed in an attempt to rob Oleg the day after the party arrived. One by an arrow in the back from Marra as he tried to retreat, and one by Marra’s blade across his neck as he tried to sleep off a sleep spell. Marra’s specialty is quickly becoming that of killing the people who aren’t fighting her anymore.
  • Four Kobalds too sick on Moon Radishes to fight very effectively have been laid to bloody rest.
  • Happs Bydon and Carl the Spy were found hanging by their necks on the outside of the palisade of Oleg’s Trading Post, having been put there by Kesten Garess in the act of delivering the Justice of the Swordlords. (Oleg gleefully recounted how Kesten let him throw Happs over the wall himself once the noose was secured.)

House Rules

  • Players have a choice for stat generation: A 15 point buy, or roll 4d6 5 times dropping the lowest each time and 3d6 once. Arrange scores as desired. Reroll anything lower than 7.
  • 1st level characters start with maximum wealth for their class, and the adventuring charter will come with 50gp per character for expenses. (So, max wealth +50gp.)
  • Advancement will be along the standard (medium) experience track.
  • Healing spells/potions: Roll for points healed, but average is guaranteed. (This preserves the excitement of a good roll while eliminating the irritation that comes with a 1.)
  • Hitpoints: At first level, take max hit points. At subsequent levels, roll the hit die, but 1/2 (rounded down) of the hit die is guaranteed.
  • New characters added to replace fallen comrades as well as the characters of any new players will enter the party with experience points equal to the average of the surviving members.
  • Critical hits will be resolved using Paizo’s Critical Hit Deck. (Actually, via the SmartPhone app.)
  • Natural rolls of 1 are critical fumble threats. Roll again to confirm. If the second roll fails, the critical fumble is confirmed.
  • Critical fumbles will be resolved using Paizo’s Critical Fumble Deck. (Actually, via the Smartphone app.)
  • Because some of the fumbles in the fumble deck are overly detrimental (when compared to the traditional dropped weapon), the fumbling character may choose to redraw once but must abide by the second card.

Stealing the Stolen Lands

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