A two-weapon bodyguard from the south of Brevoy


Player Name: Amy
Character Name: Marra
Alignment: NG
Race: Human female
Class: Fighter
God: Gorum
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Combat Reflexes, Two-Weapon Fighting
Traits: Courageous, Veteran of Battle, Sword Scion
Languages: Common


Once upon a time, there was a strong daughter of a well-enough to-do farming family that her papa was able to buy sword lessons for her and she joined the City Guard. She loved that life. Guarding, policing, patrolling, fighting was all she had ever wanted to do, and she was grateful to her parents for the wonderful opportunity. She brought money back to her family farm once or twice each year, and she loved her life until she was twenty-nine. She drank very little alcohol, and tried very hard to stay away from the men who wanted to bed her. She preferred fighting, and wanted to rise through the ranks of the Guards or even soldiers. Alas, one fellow guard had a silver tongue and he promised that she wouldn’t get pregnant since he’d always taken a potion that kept him from fathering children. He reasoned to her that he didn’t want to stop being a Guard either.That’s how Marra came into being. Her sister, Humaira, is four years younger than she is. There are only the two siblings. After the second birth, Helen (mama), told Garion (papa) that if he ever came near her again, she’d chop it off. Helen loves her girls, but continually preaches birth control on her terms & explained oral sex as opposed to intercourse for her girls the day they began to bleed. Helen taught her girls to fight and worked them hard. Helen’s family has helped raise Marra & Humaira as much as they can, and working the farm for months each year has built them strong. They’ve lived a third of their lives in The Free City of Restov, with Helen teaching swordwork to children, and a mix of martial arts & knife work to mostly prostitutes. Helen occasionally took jobs as a bodyguard for families travelling the roads around Restov, so Marra & Humaira have been exposed to horses, foreign peoples, caravans, and prostitutes. One madam explained to Helen & her girls that it wasn’t Garion’s fault with the blocking potion, most likely, but Helen wants a better life for her daughters with more choices than she had.
Marra has only known hard work. She loves fighting, is comfortable separating squabbling merchants & townsfolk. Being 6’3" she’s used to jibes, insults, whatever, but pull a weapon or throw a punch & she’ll use everything to take you down but leave you alive. She’s in Restov after a couple local bodyguard jobs.


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