Rastus Eodai

Arrow shooting, greatsword wielding, bounty hunting ranger.


Player Name: Jim
Character Name: Rastus Eodai
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Human male
Class: Ranger
God: Erastil
Feats: Power Attack, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot
Traits: Frontier-Forged, Magical Knack, Pioneer
Languages: Common, Sylvian


To say my upbringing was unusual is a bit of an understatement. Let me start a bit in the past. Many years ago (nearly 70), my grandmother, Nastasya, was a defender of the kingdom. She and her friends roamed the wilds and rooted out bandits and evil creatures. One time, she and her friends rescued a pack of blink dogs, who then pledged themselves to help them. Since then, she’s always had a blink dog, Ruindolon, with her. After getting badly wounded, she gave up that life and settled down with my grandfather, Caelan. They purchased land to farm near what later became the Stolen Lands, shortly after my mother, Ildi, was born. After my mother, they had three more children, the youngest, Zeph, was about 10 years older than me.

Grandma always said Mother was a bit of a handful. She would disappear into the woods for days, sometimes a week, at a time. As soon she was old enough, she left to explore. Now, this isn’t a reflection that my grandparents where “bad parents,” Mother just wanted to explore everything. A few years later, she came home, pregnant with me. After I was weened, she took off again and left me to be raised by my grandparents. Suddenly having a toddler in the house after so many years was a distraction, so Ruindolon, became my constant companion. We would run around and explore the woods together. One time, he saved me from a bear.

From time to time, Mother would come back. She would give Grandma and Grandpa some money and would tell me stories of the exotic peoples and places she had visited on her travels. When I was 7, she moved back home with us, and my baby sister, Keila, was born. As soon as she as weened, Mother took off again. This time, she decided to be a bounty hunter, so she was able to come back more often. Around this time, Uncle Zeph left home and joined the local militia, which meant that I did his chores around the farm. Also, Grandma and Grandpa started to train me. Grandma would take me hunting and taught me about the woods, and the plants and animals in it. Grandpa decided I was “man enough” to learn how to fight, first with hands and feet, then with sticks, and finally with metal swords. When Uncle Zeph came to visit, he would also help me train me along with Grandpa. I don’t think Uncle Zeph was ever able to beat Grandpa in a fight.

When I was 15, Mother took me out with her on a bounty hunt. For her, it was a easy, routine bounty. For me, is was a nerve wracking ordeal. After we finally caught and turned in the thief, she asked me to join her as her apprentice. I talked it over with Grandma and Grandpa, and we agreed it would be a good experience for me. For 2 years we worked together catching bandits and poachers before they could flee into the Stolen Lands. When Mother heard about the Swordlords granting exploration charters, she signed me up for one, as she felt I had the skills to take care of myself.

Rastus Eodai

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