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Welcome To Stealing the Stolen Lands!

It Begins

  • The game is just getting underway. Characters have been generated, but adventure awaits.


  • Marra – Two swords, one for each eye socket of the next man to call her “darlin’.”
  • Edric – A dreamspun sorcerer, eager to seek power.
  • Kosgrim – A Pharasmic gardener of souls. And black roses.
  • Rastus Eodai – A bounty hunter with a very quick bow.



  • No quests taken, yet. Slackers.


  • Everybody is still alive. But the game hasn’t actually begun yet, so that’s probably temporary.

House Rules

  • Players have a choice for stat generation: A 15 point buy, or roll 4d6 5 times dropping the lowest each time and 3d6 once. Arrange scores as desired. Reroll anything lower than 7.
  • 1st level characters start with maximum wealth for their class, and the charter will come with 50gp per character for expenses. (So, max wealth +50gp.)
  • Adancement will be along the standard experience track.
  • Healing spells/potions: Roll for points healed, but average is guaranteed. (This preserves the excitement of a good roll while eliminating the irritation that comes with a 1.)
  • New characters added to replace fallen comrades will enter the party with experience points equal to the total of the surviving members.

Main Page

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