Restov was once the capital city of Rostland, that portion of Brevoy south of the East Sellen River, Lake Reykal, and the Awzera river. The portion north of that natural border was another kingdom called Issia.

When Choral the conqueror came in the year 4499, the ruling house of Issia, House Surtova, quickly surrendered to him and married one of it’s daughters off to Choral’s self-proclaimed noble house of Rogarvia. This left House Surtova mostly intact, and gave them a way to insinuate themselves back into powerful positions.

Rostland was not as wise (or not as cowardly, depending on whom you ask). Rostland resisted until it was razed nearly to the ground. Choral then combined the two kingdoms into one and named it Brevoy. Brevoy is ruled from the Dragonscale Throne of the Ruby Fortress in the city of New Stetven. House Rogarvia ruled for 200 years before the Vanishing.

In 4699 every member of House Rogarvia unexpectedly and unexplainedly vanished overnight. This left a power vacuum that the Surtovas were well-positioned to quickly fill. They acted first as regents to the throne to keep it warm, so to speak, while awaiting the return of its rightful occupant. But ten years have passed and the Surtovas now claim ownership through possession. Those in Restov, not eager to see the rulers of what was once only a neighboring kingdom having domain over them, still refer to the Surtovas as regents to the throne. They feel the Surtovas are overreaching, and hope that if the Rogarvians do not return then perhaps it is time for Rostland to claim independence once again.

Thus is set the possibility of imminent civil war. Rostland knows, though, that Issia will have a major advantage in such a war. Issia is larger, more wealthy, more populated, and currently sitting in the ruling position. Worse, while Issia’s northern border is a huge lake, and therefore easily defended, Rostland’s southern border is just the opposite. South of Rostland is a lawless land that was once claimed by Rostland but whose expanses were too great to hold onto. The land fell from Rostland’s grasp and became a lawless place of brigands and monsters. If Rostland becomes distracted to the north, there are more than enough vultures waiting to take advantage to the south that Rostland fears attacks and other destabilization.

To alleviate this, hopefully in time before civil war breaks out, the Swordlords of Rostland have decided to send agents south to stabilize the land and its people. These various groups of agents will bring law to the lawless and order to chaos.

One problem with this plan is that the Surtovas are likely to see this as a land grab, and an attempt to increase the size of Restov before claiming its independence. Such a perception could bring a premature beginning to the hostilities, threatening Rostland before its southern border is secured. For this reason, the Swordlords are making it clear: The groups sent south, while assigned and funded in part by the Swordlords, are autonomous and not beholden to Restov. They will be granted their authorities and duties in the name of the Regents of the Dragonscale Throne. In this way, Rostland hopes to assuage the suspicions that these expeditions could otherwise create.


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