Shared Party History

What Has Gone Before

Edric has a pair of twin cousins, Ella and Celine, a year older than him. When the three of them were 10 & 11 years old and Ella & Celine were visiting, the family was on the road (as was their wont) and they hired a body guard – Helen, mother of Marra – to help protect the children. (The ruling family, the Rogarvias, had just vanished in the past couple years and the kingdom was unsettled, the roads more dangerous than ever.) Helen brought Marra along on the trip, and she was also about 10 years old. While travelling, Marra, Ella, Celine, and Edric became fast friends. All living in or near Rostland, they grew up together. Even if they didn’t see each other for sometimes months at a time.

Helen taught Ella, Celine, and Marra the way of the blade. Edric, meanwhile was honing his more mysterious powers.

Last year, Ella fell victim to Athrakitis and succumbed to the disease, but not before passing it on to her friends and family.

Urgently, the family called for the nearest cleric. Enter the newly-ordained Kosgrim. Bringing potions from his church, he was able to quickly heal those afflicted. Ella, though, needed to be laid to rest. Kosgrim performed this duty admirably, being a natural at his craft, and gained the respect and friendship of the survivors.

A year later, Kosgrim, Marra, and Edric have gotten together to form an expeditionary band in response to Restov’s call for operatives to quell the lands to the south.

Depressed at the loss of her twin, and reminded too much of her when with this group, Celine has spent the past year working as a bodyguard for hire in and around Rostland. She has begun using her family name, Medvyed, in an attempt to emotionally distance herself from her past, where she was more commonly known as a Barevont. Her skills have developed considerably, and she has earned a reputation as an accomplished fighter. Still easily reminded of her sister, she declined to join the team on their expedition.

Shared Party History

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